Heavy Stock Removal

When profiling steel on your 84 Engineering belt grinder there are methods to improve efficiency and gain the maximum life out of your abrasives.

For heavy stock removal, we recommend the use of ceramic belts. Ceramic abrasives are ideal for heavy grinding applications as the grit is friable. This means as you grind, the grit on the belt breaks down to expose fresh abrasive keeping the belt sharp for much longer.


The most common method of stock removal is to use the platen in combination with the rest. This is a good way to remove material, smooth out curves and for general finishing.

Although great for many applications, this is one of the less efficient methods for heavy stock removal due to the large surface area of belt contact. More steel against the belt means more pressure is required to keep the belt cutting optimally.


By using the edge of the platen and running the steel at a 45 degree angle to the platen, the surface area of steel in contact with the belt is greatly reduced. This equates to much higher surface pressure and allows for much more rapid stock removal.

The high surface pressure generated using this method allows ceramic belts to break down properly and maintain peak performance.


Using a contact wheel is another great method for quickly removing stock. Compared to grinding on a platen (where you are essentially pinching the belt between two fixed pieces of the steel), contact wheels are relatively friction-free - meaning less energy is lost and less heat generated. The diameter of the contact wheel opens the grain of the belt, exposing fresh grit that simply cannot be utilised in flat platen grinding.


Horizontal Grinding isn't an efficient method for rapid stock removal, but deserved a mention as it is a fantastic way to clean up your steel after profiling. The longer surface area aids in obtaining nice flowing curves and smooth lines.

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