What Speed Should I Be Running my Small Wheels?

84 Engineering Small Contact Wheels
1306 Small Wheel on Shop Master 72"Grinder ​​

How fast is too fast?

Over the years we have seen many sets of small wheels fail as a result of being run too fast on grinders.
Due to the significant size difference between the drive wheel on your grinder and the small wheels; when run at full speed, the 6mm wheel is doing over 73,000rpm! This is more than double the manufacturers rating on these bearings!
Of course, running wheels at these excessive speeds will dramatically reduce the life expectancy of your bearings and the rubber coating on the wheels.

We recommend running small wheels and plunge platens at no more than 1/4 speed on your VFD - no more than 20hz.


On all 84 Engineering VFDs, Small Wheels should only be run in the GREEN zone

84 Engineering VFD speed settings


What if my small wheels become damaged?

If your small wheels have reached the end of their life, fear not! Replacements are readily available.


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